Town of Cats

by Todos Caerán

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Sean Messier
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Sean Messier Top-tier screamo with a brooding sound. FFO Funeral Diner. Favorite track: Underground.
sean mellon
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sean mellon had a great time seeing these guys when they came to redding! Favorite track: Norwegian Wood.
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released December 16, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Norwegian Wood
Place the foot down and set the pace.
Lift the stone from shoulders burdened.
Cross the field through snow and f ire.
Lift off to uncommon ground.
Ease the tension down the neck.
Release the binds from tongue and hand.
Destroy the wall that separates.
Ease into the ocean deep;
The cool waters stir inside
And force something new to grow.
Acknowledge the faults in the line
And move to pave even road.
Do we have one more chance to shine bright?
To burn and scorch the fields ?
To ignite all who pass before the glow
Before fizzling out into thoughts of glory?
Track Name: South of the Border, West of the Sun
Drive your oxe and plow forth along single road
over stone and gully.
Neither ankle nor machine shall bend and break
under righteous cause.
Morals ebb and flow along the river.
Results lie ahead on soil under mountain.
No man made forks shall deviate;
No ideas shall spring forth.
Destroy the bridge that bears the weight
And take that which is in its place.
Grab hold, lest these wings fly off
and disappear on the horizon.
Smother these wings before they fly off
to disappear over the horizon
Track Name: Underground
The wave, the quake, the solemn wind
Awaken the Leviathan who sleeps amid it
Renunciate or lone wolf kin
The fallow life that is our birthright given
Resent the hospital bed
And all those who lie in it
Resent the shallow breath
Resent the willows weeping
As we move underground
Erode a whisper that the sun would bear me
Such is the air we breathe
Such is the earth that moves beneath me (if it would ever cease)
Such is the swelling sea
Such is the hearth that burns to livid (if it would ever cease)
We all know the End is Nigh and so when I die, I take the city with me to save it
Track Name: 1Q84
These divergent lives split off.
The separation seems immense.
We flow through new streams,
Dipping ourselves into unknown murky waters.
Raising our cold hands to the sky,
The numbing warmth reminds us of what we have all lost.
Straddling the lines time pushes forward.
We lose parts of ourselves in memory;
We lose touch with what we held.
For these numb cold hands no longer feel a thing.
Losing track of the connection, forced to forge on,
Making due with the warm thought of past lives held.
While we trudge on though the cold unforgiving snow
Vision blurs and we slip through the cracks.
A warm light soothes our aches, warms our hands
And rekindles something lost.
Something that has become
So warped that it is now much bigger.
And we acknowledge the grandeur
The only way we can.
In silence
Track Name: Kafka on the Shore
Strike the match
and set the flame
Under unkempt skin.
Burn out the decaying bridges
Whose paths have been left to rot.
Explore the black triangle that surrounds us
And marvel at the colossal wreck.
Ignore the lines that divide the center
And burn these homes whose foundations are kindling.
Burn the paths laid by patriarchs.
Ignite the wastes to expunge the toxin
And drive it out to the river.
Teach the son to ignore the shadow of man;
Teach the daughter to blaze in glory.
Spark the light that will guide
And burn out the rot that surrounds.
Track Name: Sputnik Sweetheart
Dream to soar on thunder
Or shudder at the quake.
Willing wings to rise above
Or willing beasts to bear the burden
Never let these seeds sow
Before the coming flood.
The lands ahead lie covered with rock and ash,
But a billion backs move to till.
Single hand, my cup, little water,
While these legs take the river.
In strength we may never raise our hands
While the single is forced to fall.
Drive out lonely sin
And collapse into stronger arms.
The tempest may overpower your words;
The snow may freeze your lungs.
Dare to raise your head above the clouds;
Dare to stretch limb outward,
To be pulled by the tides.
Arms will rise to support the weight.
Never fear the fall;
The world will shift.
Dream to read the stars
While these arms take the weight .